Janice Winterboer comes from a background of interior and floral design.

She worked with iconic Interior Designer Patty Brown from Atlanta and went on to study floral design with the talented Hitomi Gilliam, a Canadian Floral Designer and Rene van Remes a Holland born floral designer from California and then landed at the Fifth Group's - BOLD AMERICAN EVENTS in Atlanta. The Fifth Group owns six restaurants, a catering division and a floral and decor division.

During her time there she, on the "BOLD" team, produced events in and around the cities of Atlanta, Alpharetta, Canton.

"We did regular work for Home Depot and Bernie Marcus, Ted Turner, Arthur Blank and so many weddings and events for families and companies all over Atlanta. It is exciting to produce events at Atlanta's great hotels and event venues like the Ritz, the Biltmore, the Georgian Terrace, King Plow, etc. Creatively it was a great experience!"

Then she returned home to her native Rome and began Flourishes. "Rome is a great community to live and work" she says. "Here we have worked with Rome Symphony Orchestra on Fundraisers, La Scala, Harvest Moon, Pirelli Tire, Rome Area History Museum, Coosa Country Club, Sweet Meadow Farm, Berry College, DeBarge Winery Chattanooga and many others. It is great to be in Northwest Georgia."

flourish: to grow well: to be healthy- To show something in an excited or proud way.

Our clients are aware that our event team has the diplomacy of an ambassador, the creativity of da Vinci, the business skills of a CPA, and astute eye for design, a refined palate, an unflappable demeanor and are innately hospitable to our clients and guest.

 Each and every event, whether a large corporate event, fundraiser, wedding or a small intimate evening is crafted and produced with a meticulous eye for design, floral decor and catering and bar services and always within your budget.

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